About the Hop to It Podcast Hosts

About The Show 

The pandemic shook our lives upside down, as it did for so many. After over 18 months of living the quarantine life, we found there was nothing tying us to Berkeley, California anymore. Our kids had grown up and moved out, Na's career was transitioning after a pandemic-related layoff, and Tre's job was now permanently remote.

We looked at each other and said, "why not now?" 

So we ended our lease, bought a car, and hit the road as digital nomads on a quest to find home.

Our podcast, Hop to It is a record of this journey. 

Meet Na & Tre'

Na & Tre', the alchemist and the shaman, have been a couple for over 14 years. Hop to It is their first foray into working together on a creative project. 

Naomi Tepper aka "Na"

Naomi Tepper headshot

Na (pronounced Nay), is a self-described podcast junky. She experimented with producing and editing her first podcast for a previous employer. She took the skills she gained during that experiment to become the co-producer, editor, and co-host of Hop to It. 

She is also author of her debut novel Collision Course (currently seeking representation). 

As an alchemist, she has a knack for transforming ideas into reality.  Pretty much everything Na has ever dreamed of has come true.

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Tre' Grisby

Tre' Grisby headshot

Tre' is a blockchain developer and Reiki teacher. 

As a shaman, his life's work is to help guide people to heal themselves.

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Oskar Boogiebooboo Tepper-Grisby

Oskar is the silent co-host and co-producer of Hop to It. He doesn't care much for car travel, but he loves exploring new destinations. 

Hop to It in the Media

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