How to Choose a New City as Home - It's finally the finale πŸ₯
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How to Choose a New City as Home - It's finally the finale πŸ₯

This week, Na and Tre' are finally ready to choose a new city as home, but it's a big decision! They share 

  • Emotions + Data + Woo = Choosing a new city as home
  • The emotions behind the decision and which cities had a three-way tie for the top of the list
  • How the Hop Score system helped them wrangle their emotions into useful data
  • Some interesting data about the trip including miles driven and money spent on housing
  • Which city would have scored #1 if it weren't for the 5 bonus points
  • How much the Santa Fe tarot reading shook their assumptions and sent them on a fact finding mission
  • Their experience consulting with an astrologer who specializes in astromapping! (Rebecca Ferrar Astrology)

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